quick & fast

Modern and reliable programming technologies are applied. The exchange is located on fast servers with fast network channels.

fast support

We try to react quickly and efficiently to the problems that have arisen, the solution time is not longer than 2-3 hours.

simple & easy design

The exchange uses an easy, understandable and simple graphic design, work with it does not bring difficulties. You will appreciate it :)

full node wallet

We use full-node wallet of crypto-currencies, the exchange does not use any third-party services and wallets.


To ensure the reliability of your transactions, we recommend using two-factor authorization, we have implemented for you Google 2Fa.

new coin

We are always ready to place your new crypto currency on our exchange, you can write to us about it.

Present coins

are you surrprised



  • 0% per orders
  • Deposit Coin - 0%
  • Withdraw Coin - network fee + 0.002 COIN

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